Change your Identity and become a new person

We know the requirements of our customer and people contact us. Lot of them required to us a differente service like Reborn (where you get an identity from missed person), as they like to decide his new name and new data.

Now we can offer the absolulty best Full New Identity program available on the market for affordable price and in good rank country.

We are able to privide a full new identity form one very well know country located in Central America with the advantage to Travel Free Visa form 90 days in all European country, 6 Months Visa Free in Uk & British Territory, Visa Free travel to 39 Americans Country (Excluding USA), to 15 Asian Country, to 7 Middle East & North Africa country, to 17 Sub-Saharan Country and to 14 Oceania Country Zone.

The customer can be select his name, date of birth and all other things. Only the residence address will be place form us.

This exclusive package include:

  •  Certificate of Birth
  •  Certificate of Citizenship
  •  National passport
  •  National Identity Card
  •  Card of active voter status
  •  Social Security National card

The Driver Licensee is available for extra fee of Euro 1500.00 due security reason.

Please note that this documents are fully original and genuine and in case of Lost or Stolen or at expiration date you can renew yourself at any embassy of the issuing country worldwide.

Processing time normally take 60 days for have citizenship registered and all documents in the hand of customer. In some case, if express service is required, we can make all in 30 days for extra Fee of Rush Service.

The Full new identity is available at our customer for the price of Euro 12000.00. Rush delivery extra Fee can be have a range of +20/+30% depending on order pending from other customer and can be evaluate case by case.

Please contact us if you need more information or if like to start the order of your new identity.



Due the kind of Business we conduct, all order must be prepay in Full. In some excepcional case, in particular if order price are very high, we can considering payment of 50% at order and 50% at document delivery. We don't accept any kind of Escrow Service. Payment must be Via BitCoin E-wallet, Western Union or MoneyGram. For some kind of order we accept payment via Bank Transfer to our correspondent account. Some payments can be apply for extra processing fee.


All our program are fully legal and based on naturalization program offer from different country and governement. In some case naturalization can be request under marriage, professional or lifestyle, Pro-bono action, Charity program. Applicant to our naturalization program must be approved and have criminal record clean. Replica or Clone Documents are for entertainement only. Don't travel with this document.