Many people simply want to remain anonymous and rightly so. Some nationalities are excluded from opening certain accounts. For instance, opening a Swiss bank or brokerage account by Americans is frowned on by most Swiss banks in today's world.

In another example an abused spouse, or someone being stalked, might want to hide from their spouse/predator/stalker. Having a banking passport can assist them in that regard both financially and physically/personally.

Our Team might have a solution for you. Here enters the Banking Passport.

You can obtain a legally issued banking passport from an African nation with name selected from database of Citizen of issuing country for a surprisingly low cost.

Included with this program is a national ID document that's issued to applicants.

The cost of the program starts from only Euro 4000.00 per applicant. It is available (in most cases) in as little as 8-10 weeks time of completed paper work and receipt of your payment in full.

Please DO NOT consider this passport for traveling purposes. Visa's are required for all countries and have to be issued in the host country. This passport should be considered for banking purposes only. However, some clients have informed us they have successfully traveled to Cuba and several other African countries without any visa!


This particular goodie is definitely not for travel as it is strictly for banking purposes only. It is valid for five years and can be created in name selected from database of Citizen of issuing country

The processing time is around 14 working days from the time we receive your order and payment in full, along with your completed application and pictures having been received. All can be sent electronically via the internet. Full details come with a paid order. Cost is Euro 4500.00

If you need to have more information about this program Contact at any time. Please remember that this passport is not reccomended for travel.



Due the kind of Business we conduct, all order must be prepay in Full. In some excepcional case, in particular if order price are very high, we can considering payment of 50% at order and 50% at document delivery. We don't accept any kind of Escrow Service. Payment must be Via BitCoin E-wallet, Western Union or MoneyGram. For some kind of order we accept payment via Bank Transfer to our correspondent account. Some payments can be apply for extra processing fee.


All our program are fully legal and based on naturalization program offer from different country and governement. In some case naturalization can be request under marriage, professional or lifestyle, Pro-bono action, Charity program. Applicant to our naturalization program must be approved and have criminal record clean. Replica or Clone Documents are for entertainement only. Don't travel with this document.